Plants vs Zombies 2
    Plants vs. Zombies 2. The zombies are coming back. It's about time! Meet, greet and defeat legions of zombies from the daw.
Earn to Die 2012
    Upgrade your car and drive your way through a zombie apocalypse in order to reach your destination, alive!
Zombotron 2: Time Machine
    What was supposed to be a quick exploratory trip became a dangerous adventure from the moment that the astronaut noticed that he would need to find fuel in this strange planet. Unfortunately, there are irrational creatures that might be a challenge for him. Find what you need, blow up the zombies and escape from the planet.
    Super robots that look like humans were developed in order to protect our nation from possible attacks. They were so powerful that they started to question themselves if they should answer to our race. These machines turned against us and now only a Heroine and her pet machine will be able to destroy them
Marvel Super Hero Hulk
    Hulk is considered the strongest of all the super heroes from The Avengers, but he is not indestructible and might find his doom due to his impulsive behavior. He needs guidance in order to not fall in holes full of lava or be hit by too many bullets, then he will be able to keep smashing soldiers.
Ben 10 Dragon Blaze
    Fighting evil creatures and robots as an Alien became too mainstream for our hero Ben 10. He traveled far away and got for himself a mighty dragon, capable of toasting the strongest spaceship. Increase your fire power and unlock new flying beasts while protecting our planet Earth against evil machines.
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Rescue
    Our hero Ben 10 made new friends and helped them to find a new spaceship to go home. On the way to their planet, they were captured and now the Alien Master will have to rescue his partners before something bad happens. With his powerful transformations, it won’t be hard for him to save them.
Hobo 4 Total War
    Hobo already had problems with the police, beggars and all the kinds of people, except for the military men. Now he can be proud of his enemy gathering skills, because soldiers from US Army want to kill him for sleeping in private area and also kicking and punching one of theirs
Pocket Ninja
    Glory and wealth isn’t what this nation of ninjas is looking for, but since the kingdoms that surround them decided to go to war, they are being harmed and must do something about it. Using their special skills and ability to fusion with each other, they will make them chill.
Run Ninja Run 2
    A real ninja must be silent and control its feelings, dealing with anything using all the patience in the world. This, however, became impossible when the enemies brought a mutant to attack this warrior. Now he must run before the big guy reaches and smash him with the giant hammer.
Run Ninja Run 3
    It’s hard for a ninja to meditate when there’s so many soldiers running after him. This guy was preparing to join his friend in meditation when an ugly princess decided that he should be her lover. Now he must run away before the warriors manage to catch him and send to her
Raft Wars
    Raft Wars 31 votes - 4.45/5 When someone is happy or successful, it seems that it’s a must having someone full of jealous who wants you to lose your happiness. Just like this boy, who found a great treasure, which can’t be accepted by a bunch of pirates who looked for it during a long time. Now they must protect their family and the gold
Rodriguez Revenge
    Rodriguez Revenge 13 votes - 4.54/5 Rodriguez can’t stand one more day in prison, he will now try to find a way to escape, even if it means killing all the guards without mercy. Join him in this battle for his survival, otherwise he will die by the hands of the soldiers while trying to run away.
Big Battle Tanks
    odriguez can’t stand one more day in prison, he will now try to find a way to escape, even if it means killing all the guards without mercy. Join him in this battle for his survival, otherwise he will die by the hands of the soldiers while trying to run away.
Rogue Soul
    Not every thief steals to survive, most of them could be a knight or a soldier, but prefer to not obey anyone other than himself. This known rogue isn’t satisfied with his fame, he wants to be really famous, but it seems that they fear others more than him, so it’s time to change that.
Monopoly Wars
    Instead of just rolling the dice and moving pieces, mix that with the awesome experience of controlling a character of your own that most collect all the money and coins he can to become rich. Deal with business men and try to become richer than all of them at once.
Avatar Arena
    When the highly expected Avatar doesn’t show up, there’s a need of looking for the next great warrior that will defend the world against evil creatures. It won’t be able to control all the four elements, but at least it’s a must to be a great fighter and highly skilled according to his or her nation
Game Over Gopher
    Everybody knows that beavers love carrots, but have you ever stopped to think if they like to be eaten? This one certainly doesn’t and is counting on you to defend her against the rodents attack using attacking towers. Position them strategically and protect the vegetable that wants to live more.
    Four brave humans entered a challenge that will change their lives. What seemed to be just a tricky reality show was just an excuse for the monsters to eat people. Now they need to survive as long as they can, pick one and make sure you will be the last one standing.
Epic Combo!
    Take a step forward in the whack-a-mole kind of games, but using turtles instead. With a giant hammer, your goal is to smash and crush as many as you can with one hit, using tools and other weapons that you can buy with the money you gain killing them to raise your combo score.
Electric Man 2
    A superhero only is needed when villains are an imminent problem. This guy earned an electric super power but not without a reason for it. It is his mission now to defeat the evil robots that can’t harm him with their thunderbolts, defeating them to save every innocent person out there.
Arcane Weapon
    Waking up in a strange world is a bad thing, but not knowing for sure if it’s or not your home planet may be worst. This hero have no memory at all and will have to discover it by fighting monsters and robots, piecing up his past little by little.
Knightmare Tower
    To reach the great honor that is to become a royal knight, this warrior will even face hundreds of monsters, guards of the tower where a great evil is keeping the princesses locked. You might even be lucky enough to marry one of the beautiful ladies, so use that as your inspiration!
Berzerk Ball 2
    Bullying is going to have a new meaning after playing Berzerk Ball. A group of anti-heroes are completely bored today, so they decided to create a silly person with the attributes you are going to choose. Their only goal is to launch it as far as possible to win more points.
    In a world where humans aren’t the dominant race anymore and animals are in control, zombies are also a problem and a terrifying thought on the minds of everybody. But unlike our reality, they are real and are planning an attack towards their main city. Guide Paladog
Go Go Goblin
    Goblins are very similar to Trolls, but they are way smaller and can’t really do anything when the big guys decide to have fun at the expense of them. As one of the giant ones, you must throw a little goblin as far as you can, earning points for every meter.
Ninja and Blind Girl 2
    When an experienced ninja looks out for help, you can be sure that it is a critical situation. He was after an old friend of him, a blind woman capable of using mystical spells, exactly what he needs to rescue his kidnapped master. Guide both of them during this journey and rescue the master
Kick Ass Homer
    Kick Ass Homer 86 votes - 4.42/5 Homer loves donuts, and that’s what Bart is going to use against him to have his revenge. His father always beats him and he can’t stand it without doing something anymore. Now he is going to kick Homer as far as he can manage to, but he will need your help.
Pinata Hunter 2
    Pinata Hunter 2 12 votes - 4.42/5 Hitting pinatas is a way of having fun with family and friends during commemorations or just to distract the kids, really common during Mexican parties. Hit one yourself like it’s your only chance, upgrading both weapon and bag, not to mention gloves and other equipment, to collect as much candy as possible.
Sift Renegade 3: Defiance
    A renegade comes back from Hell, where at least his enemies thought he was, to have his revenge and kill them all. Control him and make sure his plan won’t fail, cutting in pieces anyone that stands in front of him and his main goal, killing the boss of these criminals.
TNT Zombies Arena
    A very intelligent man and builder seems to be the last one standing in a city covered with blood and filled with flesh eating zombies. He doesn’t have any gun, but there are a lot of bombs and mines from the constructions he can use to kill all those creatures.
    Greed led humanity to chaos, making trained soldiers turn into bloodthirsty zombies. Now a boy must save his sister, who was one of the researchers responsible for the experiment that made this, going towards the lab, killing all the zombies and saving whoever he can before he finally gets there.
Jailbreak Rush
    Although you claim to be innocent, nobody believes in you and there’s no proof that it wasn’t you who did the crime. Now you must run away and escape from prison without being noticed, but not to live as a fugitive, only to find whoever did it and make him pay.
Brawler Bear Arena
    The elders always give a good advice to the little ones, because they are experienced and know much more about life than them. A good one is to never mess up with a bear, he might know a few karate movements and kick you down, just like this tough guy.
Pinata Hunter 2
    Pinata Hunter 2 12 votes - 4.42/5 Hitting pinatas is a way of having fun with family and friends during commemorations or just to distract the kids, really common during Mexican parties. Hit one yourself like it’s your only chance, upgrading both weapon and bag, not to mention gloves and other equipment, to collect as much candy as possible.
Handless Millionaire 2
    Answering hard questions to win tons of money and gold is a thing of the past. Nowadays you must risk much more than just a few guesses to win a millionaire prize. The money will be given directly to you, as long as you can reach it without losing your hand.
Hospital Trash
    Body parts that already aren’t useful for anything are tossed into the hospital’s trash can and nobody knows that, except you, who found out by mistake the place where they keep it. Now that you need some money, you can get a few, or many, and sell to the industries.
Go Repo
    Go Repo 49 votes - 4.47/5 When someone owe money or anything else to the bank and can’t or won’t pay for it, the financial institution call your team, responsible for this kind of job, to collect everything the debtors own until their debt is finally liquidated. Be careful and use the correct member for each situation.
    Even though their planet is not the first one ruled by robots to be under massive attack, the cause is mostly war and not natural causes such as huge meteors. Since they can’t fight it like enemies, the only way out is to find a shop still working and run away.
    Underestimated geniuses can be really dangerous if they decide to use their high tech weapons to revenge the laughing they heard around their precious work. This mad scientist now wants to release his anger, shooting electric rays at the people on the streets, even the innocent who never saw him.
Feed Us: Lost Island
    Only because there isn’t any shark around in the water, it doesn’t mean it’s safe to swim there. Piranhas are already dangerous, but one resurrected by black magic is ten times more and its hunger seems to be endless. Control it and eat everything that moves, while they are alive.
Awesome Tanks
    Infantry is a good option when the path is clear for their passage, but before sending them by foot, it’s important to blow up every tank and turret along the way with one of your own, otherwise your army will be the one killed within a few seconds of battle
Berzerk Ball 2x
    Berzerk Ball 2x 32 votes - 4.44/5 Bullying developed itself to a whole new level, going from the ugly names in high school to this massacre where you can customize your own nerd and only then toss it away with some dangerous and huge weapon, to crush its bones and spill geek blood all over the place.
Angry King
    Angry King 11 votes - 4.73/5 An angry King has to pay his debts with other kingdoms, but since he doesn’t have enough gold to give them, he will have to increase and collect the taxes himself, taking all the silver and coins he can from the peasants, quickly so they don’t start to quarrel with him.
Kick Out Miley
    Due to her behavior, nobody accepted to hire Miley Cyrus to make a live show. She needs to keep her fans and earn money, so she went to a construction site and started to perform there, but the workers didn’t like it and you will kick her out of your working place.
Bomber at War 2
    Bomber at War 2 84 votes - 4.63/5 While soldiers are dying by the hundreds on the ground, there is also people fighting in the sky with their war airplanes, risking their own lives to make sure the enemy’s bombers won’t pass by and drop the bombs on their military base, by shooting missiles to knock them down.
    Some heroes can become invisible, others are able to fly and escape from the enemies when they notice there is a possibility of being overpowered. This hero can change how gravity applies to him, but unfortunately his rival can do the same thing and only your skills can save him now.
Water Mania
    Water Mania 113 votes - 4.43/5 When there is fire somewhere in town, people call the fire men and they come as quickly as possible with their water tanks to make sure nobody will get burned or hurt by the falling walls. As a true hero, save people and extinguish the fire before it’s too late.
Sift Heads Cartels: Act 3
    Ordinary people wake up, go to work, arrive and go to sleep, but guys like the main character of this action game never knows if he will wake up in the morning, for his job is to chase people and finish them with his bullets before they shoot at him.
Plazma Burst 2
    Plazma Burst 2 103 votes - 4.30/5 The landscape and all the scenario looks like from a medieval adventure, but it’s actually where your battle ground will be, it’s up to a lonely soldier to protect this territory from the android invasion, all holding powerful plasma weapons that can be dangerous, so aim and hit them quickly.