Angry Birds Space Xmas
    In the Christmas, angry birds distributes gifts for the children in town, please help angry birds distribute gifts by knocking gift boxes down
Happy Wheels
    Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game. The only goal of this game is to reach the exit. Choose a vehicle (bike, two-wheeler or wheelchair) and try to find a way to the exit, alive! Happy Wheels - Amusement or To
Rail Rush Worlds
    Collect as many gold nuggets and treasures as you can hold while avoiding barriers and dead-end rail tracks in the thrill ride ...
Sugar Tales
    Monsters are known for their ability of scaring kids and eating ten times their weight on things most humans try to avoid, like candies full of sugar that won’t cause diabetes on them. Guide this baby one and make sure he will eat as many sweet things as he likes.
Bad Piggies HD: When Pigs Fly
    The Angry Birds aren’t the only ones capable of flying for a few seconds, everyone can also toss their enemies, the bad piggies, who are trying to develop the same ability to have their vengeance. Their goal is to reach the finish line after collecting the bonus boxes along the way.
Monsterland 3
    Welcome to Monsterland 3, a really funny physics-based puzzle game. Your job is simple: help the little monster cube to wake up his daddy by jumping on his head. Therefor the junior has to remove other boxes. But take care, that he is not falling out off the screen. Much fun.
Yepi Forever
    A neverending story continues in Yepi Forever, the new installment of the fun-addicting point and click game. After his escape from Yepi planet the ultimate yellow cuteness is in distress again. And it's up to you to help Yepi to make the way through the unknown place full of puzzling secrets. Much fun.
Ninjas Never Die
    How can Ninjas Never Die? In this funny physics-based puzzle game you have to help the little masked fighters to survive a terrific adventure. In each stage it's your aim to get all out of that damn maze. To move the ninjas just spin the labyrinth to and fro as you are trying to collect all coins. Much fun.
Monkey Go Happy: Castle
    Monkey Go Happy: Castle is here! Uhh, all lovely, mini monkeys were abducted to a scary fortress, where an evil scientist transformed them into dark creatures. Start a rescue operation, but first go to the character screen and choose a sad ape you want to play with. Aim is to make the monkey go happy by finding all hiding little gargoyles. So explore the castle, click on interactive objects and combine different items together to cause a chain of action to complete your mission. Much fun.
SpongeBob Saw
    The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Gary. Your mission is NOT simple: Help SpongeBob to save Gary from the evil Pigsaw. Enjoy SpongeBob Saw Game!
King Rolla
    Mission of King Rolla is to knock all sheep out of the level. Click on fans to boost king rolla around the level, hold space to fly for a limited time. Enjoy!
Garfield Crazy Rescue
    Garfield's girlfriend Arlene has been kidnapped by a group rats. Help Garfiel rescue her before its too late. Enjoy!
    You are a Magician who stuck in a dungeon after a trick goes wrong. Control multiple magicians at once and take advantage of their abilities to solve puzzles. Enjoy!
Jewels Hero
    Jewels Hero is an addictive match 3 game. Choose a hero and defeat a series of opponents to win the tournament in this turn-based puzzles game. Attack your opponent and defend yourself by swapping jewels to match 3. Are you a hero?
    WRRRMZ is a funny puzzle game. Help guide the worm into its hole. Light up mushrooms by touching them. WRRRMZ is so good!
    A young scientist made a mess with one of his chemicals and ended up turning one of his experiments into a bad creature. He can get rid of them, but since he is a pacifist, he will have to do that by swapping them with the good ones, using his pistol
Fish Jong 2
    The classic Mahjong was changed and now a modern version of it with fish instead of old blocks will stimulate the creativity and logic thinking of the players with a lot of colors, being a must to first clear the top figures before dealing with the ones under their shadow.
    If it’s not crazy enough to ride a bicycle naked where the temperature is below zero, this man wants to take the most dangerous track with all the kinds of obstacles, all to find the other person or creature who arrived with him at this strange and totally frozen world.
Hut Defense
    Towers are good, but they take too long to build and the enemies might get through the lands before that. Thinking about that, the soldiers are all sleeping and eating in hubs, from where they can get out easily and deal with the invaders in a second, just like they want.
Mini Heads
    They are nothing but heads, which is why they use hats to look taller, one of the few accessories they can use. The goal is to make them angry by shooting things at them, but avoiding to make them fall, only to make them drop what they like the most.
Pillow City
    A brave boy wants to find his little sister and save her, but first he will have to deal with the monster zombies, which appeared while he was working in his office. The ones outside might get her before him, so he must be really quick on dealing with these.
Fortress Defense
    The enemies thought they could just approach the last fortress of your side of the frontier, but it wasn’t left empty and there is still a sniper there inside that can deal with them all with a single weapon, as long as there is someone to help with the aim.
Tricky Rick 2
    Rick crashed his spaceship in some random planet and couldn’t send an SOS to his mother planet because there were no more fuel there. He thought he was completely lost, but suddenly realized there were energy in this strange land, but first he will have to catch it, then use.
Keep an Eye Noads
    In the magic world, strange creatures are responsible for giving an eye for every person that is born and also who lost it in a fight, for example. However, it’s a hard task and they must be really careful to grant that it will be delivered completely safe to them.
Monkey Go Happy Guess
    Monkey Go Happy Guess is a free Puzzle Game on Play Monkey Go Happy Guess online in your browser.
    Play Meme-Mory, a lolastic brain teaser not only for kids but for adults as well. Exercise your memory and remove all metallic objects by matching the same meme faces. Much fun.
Cheese Barn
    In this classic physics-based puzzle game you have to help the cute mousie to make its way through the hazardous Cheese Barn to eat lots of that tasty milk product. Move boxes and clear the way through the shed to the cheese. Much fun!
Trollface Quest 3
    Trolloloooooo! Trollface Quest 3 is here and it's your challenge to solve all ridiculous puzzles to beat the dumb trollface in this funny brain-teaser. Much fun!
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4
    Thanks to Robin Vencel: The monkey madness returns with Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4! In this weird sequel of the fun-addicting point and click game series it's up to you to make the little hairy friend of your choice stop crying. Go on and puzzle through each scene, don't forget to pick up all coins to purchase silly stuff for the little mope. So, how many monkeys can you make happy today? Much fun!
Galactic Gems 2
    Galactic Gems 2: Accel is another match 3 puzzle game. You've got three minutes to clear the grid from all gems. Much fun!
Cut the Monster
    Your mission in this funny physics-based puzzle game is to Cut the Monster using your mighty laser beam. In each stage you have to cleave through all creatures until they are all off the platforms. Much fun!
Red Ball 4: Volume 3
    The long awaited Red Ball 4: Volume 3 arrived. Roll and jump along dreadful surfaces and pick up as much golden tiny stars possible on your way to all red flags. Navigate the bouncy red ball through deadly gaps, get past tricky laser beams and other hazardous traps as you try to reach one checkpoint after another to progress. Gain an extra score and hop on the evil square faces to smush them. Much fun!
Dr. Acorn Birdy Levelpack
    Take on the role of the helpful doc Acorn and heal the sick birdies in this fun-addicting levelpack of the cool physics-based puzzle game. Try to pass all stages, overcome dreadful obstacles and collect doctor's stuff to medicate your feathered patients. Will you gain the golden prize in this cool Dr. Acorn Birdy Levelpack puzzle game? Much fun!
Devil's Leap 2
    Play Devil's Leap 2, the new installment of the fun physics-based puzzle game. Your object is simple: use the little red devil to eliminate all angels in each stage. Much fun!
Find the Candy
    Find the Candy in this fun point and click style puzzle game. The sweet and colorful deliciousness is somewhere hidden in the room. Try to find all three stars to increase your score as you open boxes and use other interactive objects to detect the candy. Much fun!
Copy Shot
    Try to escape the aliens in this fun-addicting brain teaser by silvergames! In each stage you have to get the golden key to unlock the exit door. Use your awesome Copy Shot weapon to copy and paste ladders, blocks and other useful objects to get over obstacles and other barriers. Much fun!
Blockoomz 2
    Second release of the challenging physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to delete all mad block faces. You can blow up the red blocks to cause a chain of action. But beware of destroying yellow shapes. Much fun!
Cover Orange Journey Pirates
    Help the pirate orange through each level of his adventure in this new edition of the fun-addicting physics-based puzzle game. Play Cover Orange Journey Pirates and protect the orange ball from the evil cloud and dreadful rain drops. Just push blocks and other items to build a solid cover in time. Much fun!
Drawfender Level Pack
    Fun Level Pack to the brainteasing puzzle game arrived, in which you have to rescue the poor guy from beeing smashed by cannon balls. You do so by drawing some shapes and use those new created objects to stop all balls in Drawfender Level Pack. Much fun!
Pursuit of Hat 2
    Lovely Pursuit of Hat 2 is here, the new sequel to the fun physics-based platform puzzle game. Make your way through challenging levels to get back your hat, even if this means to brachiate through dizzy heights or to tear off your limbs. Much fun!
TNT Robots
    TNT Robots is a cool physics-based puzzle game similar to TNT Zombies. Use a limited amount of various explosives to destroy platforms and get rid of all evil bots in each stage. Much fun.
One and One Story
    One and One Story is an awesome puzzle platformer made by Matia MATX Traverso. This is the story of a boy, the story of a girl, the story of both!
Snail Bob
    Snail Bob is a new physics based puzzle game from Andrey Kovalishin. Snail Bob is lost, help him to find the right path. Use tools to guide Bob through each level. Much fun!
Anbot 2
    Anbot 2 is a funny action packed point and click adventure game created by Pencil Kids. Your mission is to help Anbot escape the factory. Much Fun!
Little Samurai
    Little Samurai is an addictive point and click adventure game made by PencilKids. Guide the little samurai through his adventure and rescue the dragon from the dungeons of Kuroi's temple. Much Fun!
Monkey Go Happy
    Monkey Go Happy Marathon is another cool point-and-click puzzle game made by Pencilkids. Use your mouse to click on objects and make your monkey happy!
Snail Bob 6
    Snail Bob 6 is another cool sequel of the popular platform game from A10. Keep Snail Bob alive in this puzzle-ridden winter wonderland. Enjoy!
Easy Joe
    Easy Joe is a funny point-n-click adventure game made by GamyStar. Your mission is to help Joe to see the world. Click on different objects in the environment to remove obstacles. Much fun!
Amigo Pancho 2
    Play another sequel of this fun physics-based puzzle game and help your mexican friend Pancho to fly with his two balloons in the sky. Remove blocks and clear the way so that the amigo can escape. Click fast and wisely to earn three stars at the end of each level. Enjoy Amigo Pancho 2.
    Mooo is a funny physics-based puzzle game made by Turbo Nuke. Get the cow to the bottle and fill it with milk. Use left and right arrows to roll the cow. Remove haystacks by clicking on them. Don't let the cow roll off the screen. Moooooooo!